Passing the Security+

For me, this exam was not as difficult as the A+ or Network+ but it is definitely worth taking. One of the few benefits that COVID has brought us is that organizations are figuring out how to offer their products and services online. Certification vendors like CompTIA and CISCO are now offering their exams to be taken at home, proctored through your webcam. This makes it so much easier to schedule the exam for me because I can take it at night when the kiddos are asleep and I don’t have to take time off work to take a test!

The resources I used were Ucertify offered through my school(WGU), Professor Messer’s YouTube videos, and notes. (The videos are free but I purchased the notes from his site here. ) I also listen to a ton of infosec podcasts on my commute to work. Some of my favorite are: Hacking Humans, Smashing Security, The Cyberwire, Darknet Diaries, Hacking News, Security Now, and The Privacy and Security & OSINT Show.

My tips are to take practice exams and practice until you consistently make a 90 or above on the practice exam. Once you accomplish that you will do fine on the exam. My takeaways are to not focus too much of your attention on just one area that you feel you struggle on and focus on all of the objectives. I recommend this because if you focus all of your time on a few objectives there might only be one or two questions on it. Also, download the exam objectives, and explain each one to a friend or family member that is not in the industry. If you are able to explain each objective in a way that makes them understand the content you will do fine. Good Luck!

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