This past weekend I participated in my first Trace Labs Global Search Party! Trace Labs is a non-profit that works with local law enforcement to help find missing people. You can find out more here. Trace Labs puts on global search parties every month, with teams competing against each other by submitting information on the missing person. How it works: when the CTF starts the subject information is posted, such as name, age, and date the subject went missing, and an image of the missing person if one is available. What the participant has to do is find information on the subject and submit it to the judge through a submission form. The form requires a URL of where you found the information, why it is relevant, and any supporting evidence such as screenshots, for the submission. The full participate guide is here. Below is the point system the judges used to judge this past CTF.

Trace Labs Contestant Point Guide

In July’s Search Party they had 191 teams participate with 6,286 submissions accepted. Teams can have up to four people on each team. I attempted this search party as a one-woman team (Next time I will have a team). I was able to participate when my toddler was taking a nap, so about an hour and a half out of the 6 hours. My “team” scored 163rd out of 191, a terrible score, but I will do better next time. This was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait until next month’s CTF. I recommend giving it a try, keep an eye on the Trace Labs site for details on the next search party. Below are the statistics for July’s CTF.

July’s CTF Stats